September 1st

at 11:00 am Eastern

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During This FREE 77-Minute Training, You’ll Discover…

  • What you MUST start doing immediately to easily attract a steady flow of MILLION Dollar Clients and keep your business alive and thriving Post-COVID(WARNING: The truth about this may shock and even anger you!)
  • Why the prospecting and marketing strategies you’ve been taught by the industry are dead wrong - and have been for over a decade!
  • The keys to demonstrating how YOU are different from your competitors, so you quickly “rise above” by establishing the authority and credibility respected and valued by your ideal high net-worth clients. (CAUTION: Your current marketing may be pushing your ideal clients AWAY from you. Find out why!)
  • FACT:  MILLION Dollar Clients are on the rise. That’s exciting! But will you get YOUR share? (This one exercise alone brought me my first “home run” client in record time. I’ll tell you how to do it too!)
  • The THREE essential steps to creating the “Country Club Effect” that will have million dollar clients lining up for the privilege of working with YOU and nobody else. (HINT: When you drill down this deeply, your marketing will automatically attract your ideal clients in an amazingly effective way!)
  • How to quit worrying about “selling” and instead build a “Credibility Staircase” that leads your ideal clients to YOU more easily than ever before.  (HINT: This strategy not only positions you as an authority, it keeps you front and center in your ideal clients’ mind!)
  • That’s Just The Beginning Of What You’ll Discover On This LIVE Training!